Polish Contributors to Latin American Culture




Author Edmund S. Urbański

United States Literature is enriched with a new and interesting book
on the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural blending of civilizations, so typical in the Western Hemisphere. In this case it refers to Latin America, where Creoles, Mestizos, Amerindians and Negroes live side by side with European settlers some of whom are from Poland.
The title of this book, Polish Contributions to Latin American Culture, describes the strong participation of these Slavic settlers in the civilizational development of Spanish – and guese- speaking America.
This participation is equally visible in sciences, education, fine arts and technology.
Among those praiseworthy deeds, such little known facts that Poles were presidents of universities in Chile, Peru and Honduras, and co-founders of medical schools in Brazil and Uruguay deserve attention. A Polish engineer established the first Polytechnic University in South America, another
built the trans-Andean railroad in Peru – the highest in the world – and a Polish physician introduced apparatus for blood transfusion in Mexico in the 1870s.