Rising ’44, The Battle for Warsaw


Hardcover edition of Rising ’44, The Battle for Warsaw published in 2003 and signed by Norman Davies – only 3 copies are available. For $120, you will receive the book, an AIPC membership for one year, A Guide to the History of Poland, and a summary of AIPC’s Harriet Irsay Scholarship Award program from 1992 – 2018. (Shipping in the US only.)

Rising ’44, The Battle for Warsaw is an honest account of Poland’s resistance to German occupation in the capital city during WWII; Poland was the first country to rise up against Hitler and the Nazi expansion throughout Europe. The Warsaw Uprising began on August 1, 1944 and Poles and the Home Army fought for 63 days with little outside support. Warsaw was totally destroyed and 250,000 Poles, mostly civilians, lost their lives. It was the single largest military effort by any European resistance movement during the war, and it stands in the annals of WWII as one of the most heroic efforts made by citizens of any country against German tyranny.

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