Madame Curie Daughter of Poland




Author Robert Woźnicki

Dr. Robert Woźniacki, a distinguished historian and educator, is the first American of Polish decent to write a biography of Marie Skłodowska Curie. His previous books, among them “The History of Western Civilization”, “Yuma and the Territorial Prison” and “The History of Arizona” have been acclaimed for their clarity and scholarship.
Dr. Woźnicki’s latest book is compelling and brilliant account of Marie Curie’s exciting life in Poland and France. Born in Warsaw in 1867, Marie died of leukemia in France at the age of 67. The author updates her life in light of the progress in nuclear sciences which were advanced, if not initiated by the Curies and a close friend, Albert Einstein. The discoveries of radium and polonium by the Curies represent a landmark in the history of modern sciences. Mme. Curie herself made a tremendous contribution to medicine when she first utilized radiology during World War I.
Madame Curie, a dedicated Polish patriot as well as great scientist, spent the first 24 years of her life in Poland. The author traces her life from childhood to her arrival in France where she was virtually unknown but would attain world fame in a relatively short time. Dr. Woźnicki tells us how the Curies, despite their fame, remained self-effecting and never profited from their discoveries. In addition to being the recipient of two Nobel prizes, Madame Curie had the rare distinction of being a full professor of sciences at the famed Sorbonne University in Paris. A champion of women’s rights, she remains an inspiration to woman all over the world.