The American Institute of Polish Culture (AIPC) is proud to announce the first ever virtual celebration of our 49th anniversary  of Polish Culture.

49th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 3 pm EST (9 pm Poland time) to commemorate almost 5 decades of AIPC promoting Polish contributions in America. 

This special online celebration will include a one of a kind interview with Lady Blanka, archival materials from previous balls and special messages from the First Lady of Poland, Ambassadors and Consuls. You will also have an opportunity to meet our Gold Medal recipients, such as Prof. Norman Davies, Stefanie Powers, Dr. Maria Siemionow and many more.

With a $100 donation you will be entered into a fabulous raffle. You could win the cruise on a private yacht in Miami, season tickets to concerts at the famous Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, exceptional skin creams and body lotions by Clientele, organic and natural hair products by Eufora and sweets from Lowell International Foods. More prizes coming soon.

We want to thank each and every donor who so generously gave AIPC a gift that we could raffle off. We are humbled by their openheartedness and willingness to help us meet our mission goals during the next year. As sponsors of the 49th Anniversary Celebration, we are proud to call them friends.

Thank you!

A few important notes:

  • The list of donated items is not necessarily the order in which they will be raffled
  • $100 will purchase entry for only one person in the raffle and a one year membership 
  • If you are the winner of an item, we will give the donor your contact information upon your approval
  • Once the winner has approved acceptance of the item, we will notify the donor who will mail/ship the item. AIPC is not responsible for shipping and handling of any items other than the ones we donated.
  • If you win an item and are unable to use it, you are welcome to give it to someone who can use it. Should that happen, we need to know the name and contact information no later than April 10, 2021 (2 weeks after the drawing).


Here’s what you can win!

value: $3,500

Season Tickets, Cocktails and Concert Series

Chamber Music Society of Palm Beach

Receive two tickets to the 2021-2022 season of the Chamber Music Society of Palm Beach! CMSPB is more than just a group who share the love and joy of chamber music; they are truly a community of friends. Always warm and welcoming, the concerts begin with a cocktail party, the perfect way to get to know your fellow musicphiles before listening to some of the greatest performers in the world, all in a beautiful Palm Beach venue.

value: $2,000

Blanka Rosenstiel Painting

A View From My Terrace, 1973

Blanka Rosenstiel studied art in Brussels, and has painted, sculpted and created several works throughout the years. In her canvas pieces, she captures an ethereal serenity and a glimpse of simple beauty. In A View from My Terrace, a pot of pink flowers sits on an unadorned table before a vista of green trees and blue sky. The piece is imbued with soft and hazy hues, hinting at a quiet summer day. Matted and framed in an antique gold scrolled frame. 20" x 16"

VALUE: $1,000

gift card

Vivelo Bicycles Miami

Find your optimal sports zen with a beautiful, handcrafted, stylish bicycle that you can customize to fit your needs.

Vivelo bikes are designed and engineered for durability, superior comfort and ease of use, whether navigating the streets in a crowded city or peddling along a forest path. These premium bikes with European roots are made in Wynwood, the famous art district of Miami.

And because a Vivelo bike is not “off the rack” but is customized to your personal preferences, you can be confident that your bike is as unique as you are.

VALUE: $750

Rafal Olbinski Signed Posters

The American Institute of Polish Culture 

Polish artist Rafal Olbinski is one of the most revered illustrators and painters of poetic surrealism in the world. He has earned over 150 awards for his work, especially for the stylized posters he creates for opera, theatres, films and other performing arts. He also does set designs for stage and film, large murals on location and has works displayed in collections at the Smithsonian Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Arts Club.

3 high quality signed posters of varying sizes and subject matter
Will ship in US and to Canada only
Delivery by April 30, 2021

Type Rafal Olbinski
on your search engine
for dozens of sites.

VALUE: $300

3 Piece
Silver Set With Amber

TUFSY Jewelry

Tufsy.com is a brand new online jewelry store launching in April 2021 and importing from Poland, the brainchild of a Polish investor and a group of talented designers who use natural stones and precious metals. The beautiful and unique Silver Set is comprised of a matching ring, pierced earrings and pendant in various hues of Baltic amber set in silver and gold filigree work.

Poland is the world leader in crafting stunning wearable works of art with amber, a gemstone valued from antiquity to the present. Its lustrous shades of honey colors and deep clarity have captured moments in time across the millennium to make each stone one of a kind.


VALUE: $2,500

Economy Tickets

LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines has been connecting Poland, Central and Eastern Europe with the world for over 91 years. Thanks to professional teams of highly skilled pilots, qualified flight crews, and the expertise of ground-based specialists for whom the safety and comfort of passengers is the first priority, the LOT experience from booking to departure to arrival is unsurpassed. Flying to and from the world's most important cities, such as New York, Warsaw, Singapore, Miami, Chicago, Tokyo and Los Angeles, LOT is fast becoming a recognized global airlines. Together with loyal worldwide passengers, they are becoming one of most respected Polish brands in the world. As LOT is proud to say - Be Our Guest!

2 roundtrip economy airline tickets from any LOT based city in the US to their Warsaw HUB and back

VALUE: $1,750


Blue Bouquet, 1964

Blanka Rosenstiel studied art in Brussels, and has painted, sculpted and created several art works throughout the years. Her paintings capture peaceful moments and the beauty of nature. Blue Bouquet is a study in impasto shades of blue flowers and green leaves against a shimmering gold background. Matted and framed in a traditional scrolled golden frame. 12" x 9"

VALUE: $900

two nights
Room Stay

Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel

Enjoy a 2-night stay in a beautiful room with a stunning view and direct beach access. Designed by the famed architect Morris Lapidus in 1955, the Eden Roc Miami Beach is one of the most iconic and architecturally significant hotels in Florida, lending nostalgic glamour to a modern beachfront resort experience. The same timeless style and upbeat ambience that once drew Old Hollywood luminaries continues to lure loyal guests from all over the world today.
One room max for two people
for two night stay.
Delivery of Stay Gift Certificate
by April 30, 2021

VALUE: 2 X $400

Eufora Hair Care
(2 prizes - separate gift boxes)

Eufora Hair Care

Clean. Mindful methods. Planet friendly. Sustainability. These are just a few of the words that describe the Eufora mission. Products have been developed using almost 100 different plant extracts and essential oils, and savvy users can be assured that there is no mineral oil, petroleum, parabens or artificially created colors that can harm their hair. Eufora is beauty without compromise.
Package of 12 full size items includes Elixir Bodifying Shampoo and Conditioner, Revitalizing Treatment, Grooming Cream and Exceptional Shave
Will ship in US and to Canada only
Delivery by April 30, 2021

Photo may vary from actual gift package

VALUE: $240

The 50th Annual International Polonaise BRUNCH

The American Institute of Polish Culture

The Sunday after the Ball is a popular brunch in the Eden Roc's ballroom. Tables are filled with breakfast and lunch selections, including a carving bar, omelet section, hot and cold beverages, fruits, salads and desserts. It is another great way to network with VIPs, meet other guests and chat with friends in an elegant yet casual environment.
2 tickets to attend the business-casual Brunch on Sunday, February 13, 2022
Winner must confirm the names of both people attending and contact information
Delivery of voucher by April 30, 2021

value: $2,200

Voyager 48'
Yacht Charter


Voyager Miami

One of the most unique ways to start the perfect South Florida experience is to glide along the local intercoastal waters of Miami. Six people can relax for 4 hours on the luxury yacht, Voyager 48, a 48 foot, 2 cabin, 2 bath vessel. So grab your bathing suit and sun screen and let the Captain and crew take you on a special adventure.
Offer valid only for 6 months from the drawing (until September 27, 2021)
A maximum of 6 passengers
Charter available only on Monday through Thursday, but not on local or federal holidays

VALUE: $1,035

Package of 15 products

Clientele Cosmetics

Enjoy more beautiful skin with Clientele's patented Sacred Lotus Extract with over 20 natural beautifiers - Vitamins, Antioxidants, Youth Factor, and Botanicals. Clinically proven to help you look years younger by reducing wrinkles and pores, and increasing elacticity.

Package of 15 products includes Youthifier Serum, Estro-Lift Neck Therapy, Vital Factors 40 Effer-Tabs and Estro-Lift Eye Therapy
Delivery by April 30, 2021
Photo may vary from actual gift package

VALUE: $830

The 50th Annual International Polonaise BALL

The American Institute of Polish Culture

Be part of the glamour and elegance at one of the longest running galas in Miami's social scene. The annual International Polonaise Ball celebrates Poland's collaboration with other countries, cultures and fields of interest.
The 2022 Ball will celebrate the 50 years that the Institute has promoted Polish cultural and educational contributions throughout the US.
2 tickets to attend the black tie Ball on Saturday, February 12, 2022 at the iconic Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach
Winner must confirm the names of both people attending and contact information
Delivery of voucher by April 30, 2021
Stay tuned on this site for more details

VALUE: 5 X $350

Polish Goodies
Gift Box

Lowell International Foods

A premier importer and distributor of gourmet foods to America, Lowell Foods International markets 2,500 top quality products from Europe and sells 300 products under the Lowell label. Their inventory includes favorite foods from Poland, Germany, the U.K., Austria, Switzerland and Canada such as smoked herring, specialty cheeses, dried meats, sweet and savory treats, and a large selection of condiments.
Package of several full size items includes Wedel Chocolates, Davidoff Coffee,
Prince Polo and a variety of Tarczynski dried sausages
Will ship in US and to Canada only
Delivery by April 30, 2021
Photo may vary from actual gift package

The American Institute of Polish Culture International Polonaise Ball

Your donations will go directly to the educational and cultural programs of the AIPC. You will receive a special link to view the online celebration upon your entry.

Thank you and see you soon!

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